Now for something a little different – Free Offer (Not carpets!)

During lockdown we had some difficulty ordering food to be delivered to home, most of the large supermarkets had no slots for delivery so I had to look round for an alternative approch. I have to confess I enjoy cooking food and like to keep the recepies healthy. I didn’t want to use the fast food delivery services, I wanted to be able to get fresh, quality food ready to cook.The best one in my opinion that I’ve tried is Hello Fresh they have about 30 menus a week to choose from, the average cost is £10 for a main course for two and the portions are generous, If I went to the supermarket I would be spending proably the same or more. All of the meals come with a simple recipe that is easy to follow and generally they are quick to cook. So why don’t you try them? if you follow the link you will receive £20 off your first order, and the beauty of it is you can order as much or little as you like and you can skip weeks if you don’t want to order anything its easy to switch it on amd off!

The cost, great choice and flexible delivery service makes it a “no brainer” for me, there are some great Gluten free and Vegetarian recipies as well. I dont have to go out and search the supmermarket shelves for the ingrediants they come fresh in recycled packaging to my door so I’m also doing something for the planet as well, and no more bags for life you buy that only get used once!! Its also a great time saver. I hope you enjoy the experience, I certainly am.

Here’s the link Hello Fresh

I’d also like to take the opportunity to thank Adele for pointing me in the direction of Hello Fresh. On another front she has some great ideas to refresh your home with lots of advice. You can reach her from this link† Design by Adele