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Which carpet vacuum cleaner?

Regular vacuuming can literally extend your carpet’s life. The type of vacuum cleaner and vacuum floorhead you use is important. A vacuum’s performance will vary based on the carpet’s fiber type and construction. A good vacuum cleaner typically has features that allow you to adjust the height, beater bar rotation and fan speed. We only give general advice about vacuum cleaners as there are so many good brands or models.


Beater bar

Manual adjustable height of the beater bar is the most important feature because this enables the machine to be used on a wide variety of carpet types. If your vacuum is set too high above the carpet surface, the vacuum can’t attract the gritty soil below. If the setting is too low, the vacuum’s beater bar or brushes can damage the carpet’s surface, causing it to look worn and frayed. For carpet with a cut pile an adjustable, rotating brush will help loosen deep rooted dirt and particles but this will agitate the yarn.


HEPA, High-Efficiency Particulate Arrestance

Use a vacuum cleaner with a good and efficient HEPA-microfilter system in order to be able to remove fine dust and maintain a good indoor climate. The HEPA filter system extracts 99,97% of pollen, dust, animal scales and other particles.


Do I need an expensive vacuum cleaner?

No, invest in a good vacuum cleaner to get the dirt you can’t see. There are many affordable vacuums on the market today effectively cleaning carpets.


Do I choose an upright or cylinder vacuum cleaner?

Both types are suitable for carpet cleaning. You should base your choice on the area you will be vacuuming and your individual preferences. Upright vacuum cleaners deliver great performance for carpet, help combat pet hair with their beater bar and typically have large heads to cover more surface area and reduce vacuuming time. Cylinder vacuum cleaners are smaller and lighter, making them ideal for smaller houses and are more suitable for cleaning a wide range of surfaces, including hard floors, rugs and carpets.


Additional advice

The suction of the vacuum cleaner should be sufficient enough to go through the backing of the carpet and pick up any dust and dirt settled there. Keep the suction hose and attachments free from foreign bodies. Examine the suction head for rough, sharp edges or bent metal which could damage the carpet.